One balloon, two balloons, three balloons, four….?


Have I mentioned how much I love balloons?? I remember one year on Valentine’s Day my boyfriend surprised me with a bunch of red and pink balloons all heart shaped and themed for St.Valentine’s. At the time I had bright red hair, so I ended up doing my hair in all pretty curls  and I wore a spaghetti strapped body con white dress to match for the occasion. I was totally in love with the gift. I had a very good day that day. Even after working night shift the previous night and being all tired and sleepy getting off work that morning. The simplicity of getting balloons on that special occasion topped everything else. ♥♥♥


Be my Valentine


I cannot believe February is here already!! Just yesterday I was reminiscing about the New Year. Well, I am coming towards many changes. I am adjusting to new schedules. My little sister’s birthday is coming up. I am thinking about doing something special for her. Maybe like a big sis little sis nail salon date or go shopping at Justice? Valentine’s Day is also coming up, and I would love to give goodie bags to my co workers and friends. I love handing out cards and candy. I bought my little sis these special edition Frozen Valentine’s Day cards to give out to her classmates. I love them! The cards are in shapes of snowflakes! How cute is that?

U2 2017 Tour


I cannot believe it. I won tickets from 94.5 the Buzz radio today in the morning on my way to work! It is like an awesome feeling I have right now, knowing that I won tickets and I will have the chance to see U2 in concert! I am blessed, thankful, and most of all grateful.

First day


It is the first day of December, and with the start of a new month also marks the start of new bills to be paid again. I am kinda, sort of excited for the holidays. It’s more of an ehhhh feeling. I am still scheduled to work the holidays but luckily I will not be working the overnight shift. I am happy to know that I will have the honor to spend the night with the family. I am not thinking of buying any Christmas gifts at all due to my financial situation. Maybe just one present each for my siblings. My ultimate goal is just to spend as much time as possible with my family and beau.

My to do list

I am really wanting to start “spring cleaning” my to do list. I know it’s almost the end of November and the holidays have just begun; but I feel as if it is never too late to start. I have recently been thinking more and more about doing a fashion blog. I love the concept of it. On the regular, I follow fashion blogs and I search for various different ones on the world wide web. I want my fashion blog to be something girls can relate to. I honestly consider myself a shopholic – but on a budget. I try to balance my  monthly budget, have a social life, attend college, and have a full time job with some part time hours with a second job. My schedule sounds chaotic, but thanks to the help of my Lily Pulitzer planner- all is well. So, here it is. Wish me luck, because I am ready to start.